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Ecommerce SEO is complex and intricate. Our expert team can help you optimise your online store, like Magento, so it is perfectly set-up for the search engines.

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Balancing the twin requirements of a usable, attractive ecommerce site that is customer-focused with one that enjoys strong organic search visibility can be a challenge for any online retailer – large or small.

We have worked with a wide range of online retailers in practically every sector over the last decade, helping them to secure visibility for ‘long-tail’ search queries around their products, as well as search traffic for primary keywords focused around key categories.

Key  to these results is our understanding of how to tackle architecture and on-site elements that will ensure the site is fully comprehensible to search engines and therefore secures strong organic search positions.

We have extensive experience with an array of ecommerce platforms (Magento and X-Cart amongst others) and server configurations, ensuring that we know precisely which methods and tools we can employ to improve visibility for the site.

Our unique on-site audit process  is a great starting point for any ecommerce site, and provides a comprehensive overview of potential issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Index Analysis: How well is the site currently being indexed by the major search engines?
  • Domain, IP & Server Issues: What kind of server is the site utilising, has it been correctly configured?
  • URL Structure: We’ll ensure that the URLs on your site are as SEO and user-friendly as possible.
  • On-Page Elements: A full audit of page titles, headers, META information.
  • Canonical Issues: Checking for domain canonicalization, as well as proper employment of the rel=”canonical” tag – essential for ecommerce sites.
  • Robots.txt: What areas of the site should be restricted from crawlers, and why?
  • Sitemaps: We will establish the need for HTML and XML sitemaps, ensure that they are properly configured and generated.
  • Full Content Audit: With a focus on quality, unique content we will assess any sources of potential duplicate, thin or manipulative content on the site.
  • Internal Linking & Hierarchy: The internal structure of a site is fundamental to its ability to rank, our audit will identify any potential issues which are holding back your pages in the search engine results.

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