Content Marketing

Content Marketing is quite simply the creation of engaging content in order to attract new customers online. Whilst there’s been much said about Content Marketing as the latest innovation in SEO or Social Media, we view it as business as usual here at Blueclaw.

For the past five years we’ve been undertaking Content Marketing for our clients through our belief that exciting, engaging and unique content will always help market a brand.

Successful content marketing initiatives encompass all the best aspects of creative online marketing to achieve SEO goals – earning priceless, high-authority backlinks and social shares as well as nurturing positive brand perception and reinforcing key messages around products.

We have a wealth of experience in understanding the core ingredients that make a successful Content Marketing campaign:

1.    Audience Analysis

The first step for creating good content has to be first understanding the audience who will be reading it. Our approach is focused on understanding the tastes and behaviours of the target audience so that we can tailor content such as blogs, infographics and hubsites to their needs. By understanding the demographics, tone and passion points of the audience, we ensure that the decision making behind our content is fully substantiated and targeted.

2.    Shareable & Unique Content Creation

Using the data collected in the above stage, our creative design team get to work producing a wide variety of content suitable for the target audience. With a portfolio that includes infographics, data visualisations, hub sites, whitepapers, blog articles, graphics and video, our content creation is among the best in the industry.

3.    Content Outreach

Once the content has been created we make sure that it doesn’t just sit on your website dormant. Our outreach team take this content and canvass influential and authoritative websites, blogs and Social Media users to help promote the content. Our outreach team will make sure that each piece of content gains the necessary links and social signals to help improve your brand’s overall marketing reach.